About us

Hi everyone,

I am Sonya from Bulgaria.

There are a lot of people wearing glasses. There are a lot of reasons causing poor eyesight, for example hereditary background, reading in poorly illuminated rooms, computers, stress, etc. Sometimes poor eyesight can be corrected with special medical therapy.

In this blog I would like to discuss eye health and eye treatment. Here will be a forum where you can ask questions and medical experts will be invited to answer them. I expect participation of well-known scientists from different research organizations as well as practicing ophthalmologists.
I invite all of you to share your stories about eyes disorders you or your friends/relatives have and the way you treat them. I am sure that many of you will discover something you’ve never heard before about specific eye diseases and preventive actions against them.

I hope that using this platform we could gather useful information, which will help all of us to understand seriousness of the topic and necessity to share our knowledge how to have healthy and strong eyes throughout your whole life.